Threaded Inserts For Plastics

To achieve the desired results it is very important to use the right technique and tool. Threaded Inserts in plastics can be done in two ways, visit Tappex’s US office today for demo.

* Ultrasonic threads – when inserts are created in thermoplastics, they do not undergo chemical changes and hence can be molded and remolded frequently. In these cases, the ultrasonic threaded inserts are used to make holes. Tapered ultrasonic threads reduce time and efforts and hence are best suitable for industrial use. The straight ultrasonic threads are very resistant in nature and provide premium torque.

* Press inserts – unlike thermoplastics, the thermoset plastics undergo a chemical change and hence frequently molding and remolding is not possible in these types wherein using the press- in threaded inserts would prove fruitful.